Droplet Dance:

A company with performances integrating dance, theater, acrobatics, and weaves story and song into colorful threads that connects heart to heart and bring about awareness of water in our world. All choreography is by Molly Gawler. The music is of the people, most often is created live by local traditional folk musicians from Maine, particularly The Gawler Family Band. "Cyr wheel" is the vehicle for droplet dance, in which flow with the natural movement of spirals and gravity imbued with the spirit of water itself.  

Happy New Year Update

Here we are in 2021! I am constantly amazed at the creations and resilience that comes from artists in this time of the pandemic world wide, as we move from the year 2020. I am feeling the lessons of stopping and taking a pause in life and taking a look around. I feel the invitations from spirit to dig deep within and see what is there. What is important to me? It is always changing. Dance continues to be a priority. Music continues to be a priority. And my family is a continuous love for me. Speaking of family, my dear 3 year old Caspian is a constant inspiration in his curiosity and vibrancy of life. We are blessed with another baby boy in the belly, coming in May. I am bowing to the devotion of motherhood in this moment. And at the same time going forward with big open eyes and heart to the creations that want to come out of me in the music and dance realm. So much love to all, wishing tenderness, warmth, health through the winter. 


Molly Gawler



Belfast, Maine USA

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